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CCH Tagetik on SAP Hana modernizes financial processes and drives insights faster than ever before.

Learn how to expedite financial consolidation, planning and reporting, and spend more time on value-added analysis and strategy with CCH Tagetik powered by SAP Hana.

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Hana is extremely powerful, for SAP is a strategic and best of breed platform and CCH Tagetik has an extremely powerful CPM solution and they know very well specifically in this area what to do, how to do it in the best of the market, then a combination of SAP platform and CCH Tagetik is a perfect fit, it's integrating the SAP Hana in-memory platform so for custumers it's a one stop shop.

Its technology is very powerful, so there's not like much than a development that customers have to do, the second thing is the technology itself, it speeds up the performances significantly, some customers really see tenfold of performance improvements from what they used to have, so its value is mainly partnership, integration and obviously the technology performance, from a costing perspective it's good and from a supporting perspective it's even better.

The most powerful thing of CCH Tagetik is technology, it's very solid, they're extremely loyal to customers and very good in supporting customers, and that's exactly what the value of SAP is all about, we want to put our customers in the center and that's what CCH Tagetik does.

CCH Tagetik and SAP modernizes Finance mainly in performance and ease-of-use of data, have access to data in a very fast way and making decisions much faster than they are traditionally able to do.

The experience with the people from CCH Tagetik has been awesome, we're just working on one hand as collegues, on the other hand as friends and business partners.

It has been from end-to-end, whether is from business development, whether is from marketing whether is from technology, whether is from any area of support, it has been very good.

Two partners working together and making the best of solutions and combinations for our customers and partners.

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