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CCH Tagetik has opened up new avenues for Teamwork's customers in the office of finance.

Listen to how CCH Tagetik has empowered Teamwork's Customers in the office of Finance, spending less time on routine, manual and repetitive activities, and more time executing business strategies to drive financial results.


For us customers come first, that's the first thing we need to be able to add value to give solutions to our customers, which actually make us relevant to them, and CCH Tagetik is for us an excellent platform, an excellent application to play that role, as business partner, as advisor to bring the right solution to them.

They have been carrying SAP as a product, as one of the main solutions but not the only one, and that also locked us in a way, always into a corner … so if a customer has a big organization and runs different solutions, we could not really talk about EPM because you don't want SAP to talk to Oracle or other solutions, so CCH Tagetik takes that obstacle away, that's the first thing with a solution that is independent you can talk about the business, so it actually opened up for us new avenues to talk to customers we couldn't do before.Our experience with CCH Tagetik is good, simple and very good, and the reason why is because CCH Tagetik is a good partner to us and I believewe're also a good partner to CCH Tagetik.

The first thing which makes CCH Tagetik very different from other solutions is that is not driven by technology,it plays an important role to provide the right solution, but the good thing is that is a business application for the finance office, so all the contents,the capabilities, the functionalities which are there, they are actually easy to implement, easy to explain and easy to use.

The first thing that our customers can do is actually, they can start looking across the organization, they can empower the finance team to keep on actually maintaining, changing and improving the application, the reports, the way they want to look at things, they're not dependent on ITor external parties.

For us CCH Tagetik makes actually much easier to focus on the business, to help the customers to improve their business,to discuss actually their business and also have the right solution to support their business.

It's a big differentiator for us,it makes us actually more a business partner to our customers then we could have been before.

CCH Tagetik understands Finance!

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