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2 min Demo: Rolling Forecasts

Watch this quick video to learn how to translate your static budgeting plans to dynamic rolling forecasts to update your financials and operational plans on a monthly, quarterly or weekly basis by leveraging the built-in forecast engine of CCH Tagetik.


Forecasting in CCH Tagetik refers to the ability of combining actuals with projections to update the initial plan on a monthly, quarterly or even weekly basis.

Let's take a quick look.

Directly from the main home page of the application it is possible to access the built-in forecasting engine of CCH Tagetikwhere multiple types of forecasting logics to be approached.

For instance, maybe we're doing a very detailed forecasting process at the same level of detail as the initial plan or the initial budget, and even for the same 12 month calendar duration, or maybe we have a completely different approach where we are doing our forecast in a way more aggregated level, maybe something in between the long range plan and the initial detailed budget,and maybe even spanning through multiple calendar years according to a 12, 18, or 24 months rolling logic.

No matter what logic fits your organization the best, to run a forecast in CCH Tagetik it's as easy as defining what is your output scenario, meaning what kind of forecast that we want to generate.

So let's say that we are running forecast for our 2018 march period, so basically actuals up until march and then projections from april on.In fact the system here is smart enough to identify the very first month of forecast as april, over here to the right we can define where the actuals are coming from for the close months, so let's say that they're coming from my 2017 actual scenario, and also where the information for the open monthis coming from, so let's say that I want to proceed the open month with my original plan or maybe even better with a prior forecast from the prior quarter or the prior month.By simply clicking on okay, the system will trigger the forecast calculation, leveraging in-memory fast data processing and populate the forecast plan such as this one, where on my first three columns I will not be able to change any numbers and that's for a very good reason: these are actual numbers which can not be changed,while on any of these yellow columns, users will have the ability to come in, make any changes as they see fit also for the added months andalways leverage insert charting capability in CCH Tagetik where they will be able to contrast and compare different items of the forecast across multiple versions.

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