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2 min Demo: Retail Store Planning

Budgeting and Planning your Retail stores in CCH Tagetik gives you the flexibility to plan the way you truly want to – planning store traffic and revenues at the weekly level.


This video will take a look at budgeting and planning your retail stores in CCH Tagetik.So our sample revenue model begins with the management of our stores, users can manage existing stores and even change the status for temporary closings, they can also model new stores,giving them a quick description and assigning them in a specific store type, and comparable stores to have the system automatically precede that stores budget data based off of the comparable stores data.

Once we've created a new store, we're able to start budgeting.

So now I'll open up our new store pro-forma for Stamford Town Center store.

Here, we're looking at a monthly view, but within each one of these months we can see our weekly planning details.

The store traffic, customer conversion rate and number of transactions were all pre-populated based off of the comparable store option that we set when creating it.

In this examplewe've set a planning methodology to be based off of the average spend per person and given a driver value of $105 to drive our revenues.

Of course, any value in yellow means that we can update it and watch the system automatically update the numbers on the fly, we then have the ability to add any manual adjustment,a percent discount and watch the system automatically calculate our sales discount amount, our net revenue and our revenue by square foot.

Now, hidden in the top of the form, we have a graphical representation of the revenues by week and we also have the ability to add information like square footage and store manager.

So now that we're done with the in putting, let's take a look at some of our reports.

A quick jump back into our workflow allows us to access some analytical reporting.So taking a look at the same store analysis, not only do we have visibility into some of the financial information, but I also have visibility into some statistical information as well.

Here we're comparing our new stores to our existing stores and we're displaying our budget, our prior year actualsand showing a percent variance.

We're doing all of this on an annual level, on a quarterly level and hidden within the columns, we have a view into our monthly details.

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