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2 min Demo: Journal Entries

Watch this video to learn more about the Journal Entry capabilities in CCH Tagetik! From recurring journals to top side entries and built-in reports that benefit your auditing process, adjustments could not get any easier to enter, review, approve and even push back to your source system if need be.


Journal entries in CCH Tagetik represent ways to adjust your source data such as GL trial balance data to accomodate any internal, external, regulatory or text reporting view.

Let's take a look.

Directly from the CCH Tagetik highly configurable homepage and with only one click, it is possible to access the CCH Tagetik journal capabilities, here in fact is where users will be allowed to enter as many journals as they wish and also assign a specific category to each journal to identify the type of journal they're working on,maybe 'Month and Adjustments' or maybe 'Adjustments for Local GAAP' or maybe some other adjustments for international compliance.

All of our journals can be defined as 'Periodic', meaning recurring, or they could be one time entries only.

To access any of these journals it is as easy as double clicking on the head of the journal and by editingyour rows you will be allowed to either debit or simply credit any other account, just by clicking on savethe system will be now calculating the impact on your P&L net result and also your balance sheet net result to keep everything in sync.

Furthermore it is also possibleto route any of this journals for submission approval, in fact depending on the type of the journal or maybe the amounts involved in the journal, it will be possible to involve different approvers and different reviewers for each of the journals.

To analyze the impact of any of these journals is as easy as leveragingthe CCH Tagetik built-in reporting capabilities where it is possible for your P&L or balance sheet or even cash flow statements, to take a look at your source data, in this case the GL trial balance and all of the different types of journals that have been layered on top of your GL data, in order to get you to a US GAAP view or to any other view such as an international IFRS view in this specific example.

Not only that but at any point in time it is also possible to run a built-in journal book report, which list out all of the different journals that were either manually entered by the end users, or automatically calculated by the systemin a specific double entry logic showing exactly all of the debit and credits that happened within your journal requirements.All of these journals will, of course, be saved on the CCH Tagetik multidimensional database, but you can also be pushed back to your source systems such as your GL system if there's a need to do so.

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