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2 min Demo: Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFR)

CCH Tagetik Collaborative Office combines financial, operational and textual information to help better prepare your Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR).


CCH Tagetik's Collaborative Office empowers users to better prepare regulatory reports such as the Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports, also known as CAFR reports,or any other statements required by the government accounting standards board.With CCH Tagetik's 100% integration of Microsoft Office you can continue to leverage all your needed features in Word, Excel and PowerPoint but as well as leverage CCH Tagetik to access your financial operational or any commentary data that help you built your CAFR reports.To get started we access our document management, this is your repository that's going to help us manage each of our different following cycles, so we do not need to save anything locally or in a shared drive.

For the CAFR reports Collaborative Office is based onto multiple sections and chapters, so we can assign different users at different pieces so that have everyone working in the same document at the same time.Of course with a decentralized approach we also have a workflow in place so you can take a look at the status of the project all times, assign different users at different sections, due dates as well as approving managers.You might notice the financial statements and quickly want to highlight, to visualize all my embedded objects, such as my entity name with different dollar financial values and conditional text where there is an increase or decrease based on certain values, as well as percentages in different data tables as well.And all this is directly connected in the software, so there's no need to manually copy and paste anything and the source value's change your CAFR report and automatically update it as well.

In addition I can also run diagnostics on my report, for example right here I'm actually going to check at my total net position same across the report and I can see it does validate and we have to accredit the value in multiple locations.

Once it's all set up in my future following cycles all I have to do is start rolling forward to a different year or a different period.

On top of all of that, Collaborative Office also helps to control your rounding reporting in values of thousands, millions, split your tables across different pages column wise.Or even automatically align most digits just by bracket value.

All this highly repetitive work can easily be automated with our Collaborative Office.

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