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2 min Demo: Allocations & Profitability

Watch this video to see how CCH Tagetik’s flexible built in Allocations engine can be leveraged to automate your Allocations and make Profitability analysis simple. No coding. No scripting. No IT required.


CCH Tagetik's built-in configurable allocations engine makes managing your painful allocations and profitability analysis pain-free, dynamic and scalable.So here we have three expenses to be allocated, each with their own individual driver and we show the amount to be allocated.

Drivers can be percentages, financial information such as revenue,or statistical data, for example square footage or headcount.

The tables at the bottom of the form outline a walk through of each expense as it relates to the cost centershowing us the expenses amount before, the amount to be allocated and the total amount after the allocation.

So for rent, we can see that our shared services department has an amount of just over $30.000, this amount will be allocated based off of the cost center's square footage and CCH Tagetik's allocation engine will allocatethese percentages and amounts of that $30.000 to each cost center to bring us to our total allocation amount.

The important thing here about the allocated amount is that CCH Tagetik will never alter the original data and it categorizes or labels that allocated amount with specific tags.

The system does this automatically and it makes it very easy to report results including or excluding these allocated entries.

Now, on to the second step of our allocation: allocating these expenses to customers and products.

Again, we displayed the amount to be allocated in a driver that will be using, in this case revenue.

So for products the allocation percentage is based on the revenue that each product brings in, we can see how much of our allocated amount is going to each product and the total expense amount on that product post allocation.

So now that we'vetaken a look at the results that CCH Tagetik's built in allocation engine provided, let's take this one step further by analyzing our customer and product profitability.

On this form you have a condensed P&L view displayed by customers, industries and product groupings.

So now we can easily see Walmart sales revenue and COGs, giving us our gross margin, the allocated expenses, our operating margin and subsequently our customer and product profitability.

All of this is managed through our built-in engine ,so as usual in CCH Tagetik, no development, no scripting and no coding required.

The setup is dynamic and scalable, so as your organization changes and grows, the rules adapt without maintenance.

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