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4 Hidden Costs of Legacy Close and Consolidation

How to Evolve the Financial Close and Consolidation with Automation

For many, consolidation is a process that simply exists. We don’t refine it. We don’t tinker with it. We don’t look at ways of innovating it. We *think* we have what we need, even if the process isn’t ideal. (The phrase, “If it works, don’t fix it” comes to mind.)

But what if we told you that outdated consolidation processes are costing you more than time? In this whitepaper, we’ll lay out unexpected ways traditional consolidation methods are draining your resources — financial, operational, and human — and tease out why an end-to-end, automated consolidation strategy is the key to unlocking consolidation’s — and Finance’s — insight generating potential.

In this whitepaper, you’ll learn:

• The key indicators of a costly consolidation process
• Why we ignore mission-critical consolidation updates
• Four cost drains of legacy consolidation systems
• How to evolve the financial close and consolidation with automation

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4 Hidden Costs of Legacy Close and Consolidation