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Integrated Reporting solutions

Use Integrated Reporting to Focus on Value

Business reporting needs to evolve from reactive disclosure of historical performance to proactive communication of future business value. Investors are asking for it and companies want to provide it. But, how do you do this without burdening your overextended finance team?

With CCH Tagetik reporting solutions for Collaborative Integrated Reporting <IR>, you quickly ensure compliance and become the catalyst of change without costly technology investments.

Integrated Reporting Software


Integrated Reporting Benefits


Highlight future value

Highlight future value with unified narrative and forecast calculation capabilities

Quickly develop

Quickly develop a solid basis for complete and trusted financial results by managing all financial processes in one unified system

Create continuity

Create continuity between <IR> and other external and internal reports

Eliminate risks

Eliminate the risk and redundancy of disparate reporting processes

Clear accountability

Clear accountability with established collaboration, workflow and approvals that reduce bottlenecks and delays

Easily identify

Easily identify and incorporate non-financial data and metrics that contribute to business value

Integrated Reporting key capabilities include


Strategic Planning & Long-Range Forecasting

Unify budgeting, planning and forecasting processes while aligning operations and lines of business with finance. CCH Tagetik CPM automates the budgeting and planning process and simplifies periodic and rolling forecasts that combine data from strategic plans, budgets, previous plans and actuals.

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Disclosure Management

Simplify disclosure management with CCH Tagetik: prepare, review and submit reports - in the format you need - with confidence. Disclosure and management reporting is fast, accurate, collaborative, and auditable and your information is fully traceable when done in CCH Tagetik.

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Financial Governance

With a detailed audit log, you get complete traceability of data down to the transaction level from start to finish. In addition, you manage operational risks that impact financial performance by setting controls, thresholds, validation, sign-offs, and audit trail.


Annual, Prospectus & Earnings Reports

No more manual cut and paste. Narrative and numbers automatically update for a single version of the truth across multiple external reports. Multiple contributors can contribute to a pre-built template – whether that’s Word, PDF, HTML or PPT - to meet format requirements.

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Advanced Analytics

CCH Tagetik and Qlik® partnered to deliver best-in-class advanced analytics that provide you with custom and personalized dashboards, visualizations and ad hoc analytics that graphically illustrate data and KPIs. Access via your desktop, the web or any mobile device.

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Microsoft Office Integration

CCH Tagetik offers unparalleled integration and native connectivity to Microsoft Office, SharePoint, PowerBI, Analysis services and more. CCH Tagetik makes it easy to combine financial data from Microsoft SQL Server and generate the narrative in Excel, Word or PowerPoint, then distribute via SharePoint.

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Unified CPM Solution

A data point may start in a sales forecast, but it also impacts budgets, plans and cash flows. With CCH Tagetik CPM, all data is securely governed throughout financial management processes and cycles including the planning, financial close, consolidation and disclosure reporting processes.

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CCH Tagetik's Reporting Software is trusted by leading companies across all industries


Disclosure Management, Consolidation, Budgeting & Planning, Finrep, Reporting

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Leonardo (Ex Finmeccanica)

Management Reporting, Project Controls, Disclosure Management

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M+W Group

Budgeting, Planning, Consolidation, Reporting, Disclosure Management

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Generali Group

IFRS Consolidation, Solvency II, MVBS, BPF, IVASS (Genesi Project), Technical Provision

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Unicredit Group

Consolidation, Budgeting, Disclosure Management, Reporting, Dashboarding,Analysis

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Solvency II, Integrated Reporting


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This webinar discusses the common mistakes made during the reporting process and how to achieve a non-disruptive enterprise-wide reporting solution through a Collaborative approach.

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