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Talking CCH Tagetik: 1 Minute on Corporate Consolidation with Bristol Bay

Learn how CCH Tagetik significantly reduced the close cycle for Corporate Consolidation with accurate results.


At the corporate level for consolidation it went from one person, one full FTE for 5 days to 1 FTE for 2 daysand more accurate results.

The reduced closed-cycle for corporate consolidationany other time we've had to report something whether if was consolidationor any type of financial data there's had to be a Data Call to all the different organizations give them time to give it back to you,you consolidate it, and so you have the opportunity to have errors and people are in the middle of something else and they're stopping togiving you what you need… so it's just a time saver to have data presented in a unified manner.It's having all that financial data available in 1 System where you can run trends compare a Budget to Actual without going outto this big Data Call, and if some opportunity comes up or some discussion..

easily being able to accessthe data that you need for reference.

I would recommend it because one of their main tenantsis training you to learn how to use the data and manage the system so that you're not always reliant on them and youcan also,as in our case, take various, very varied types of businessalmost we viewed the most different Investments and roll them up into a consolidated fashion even though the business lines are completely differentso that gives you a lot more flexibility.

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