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2 min Demo: CCH Tagetik on Ipad

Watch how CCH Tagetik works on mobile devices such as iPad, Microsoft surfaces or any other touch screen devices. Keeping the Office of Finance connected to what's important from work to your favourite cafè. Access CCH Tagetik seamlessly from your desktop to your mobile devices.


Accessing CCH Tagetik from your tablet or smartphone.

What you see presented here, is the CCH Tagetik standard landing page, it's written in HTML5 so what that means is it's not only browser agnostic it can be rendered on any smartphone or any tablet, in this case we're using an iPad.

This also means that you can now take this CCH Tagetik data with you, down the hall, on the factory floor, anywhere where you have WiFi access, have meaningful conversations with your colleagues with the latest data from CCH Tagetik at your disposal.

This means you don't have to carry around a laptop and reams of paper, all I need to do is use my finger to navigate across these pages and start off by opening up the dashboard.

Here you see the dashboard is rendered.

I can change perspectives to get a closer look at the dashboard widgets or select to move to another page in this case my operating expenses, but it goes more, I can invoke the filters, for example I may want to just focus in on my New York operations so go ahead and press okay, now as you can see the dashboard re-renders now with just the New York data.

I can invoke the pivot table using my finger I can move dimensions, to rows and columns, I can even open up my heat map allowing me to focus in on specific anomalies.

Let's go back to the homepage, I may now want to take a look at where we are in our current planning process.

As you can see, it takes us to our workflow cockpit, I can see the various stages of our planning process and as I move between the different stages on the right, I can see where these different entities stand in completing their planning process.

Down here at the bottom, I can use my finger to view the different steps that are required to complete the planning process.

Let's go back to the homepage one more time.

Finally I may want to take a look at some financials in KPIs, so I'm going to open up my reports.

This takes me to a page that highlights some KPIs, represented in both tabular and a graphic form, I can interact with these graphs, for example I can choose to remove or add back various graphical objects, by simply touching on the graphical objects I can see the numbers that underpin the movements that I'm looking at.

Now, if you pay attention down here at the bottom, we have a bunch of different tabs, I'm going to go into the balance sheet tab, there you see my complete balance sheet as rendered for me.

I want to focus in, on this number, this 1.995 million that's associated with accounts receivable.

I'm now going to use the analysis capabilities of CCH Tagetik and do a drill through.

The result over here to the right is a break out of all the different transactions that make up that 1.995 million.

So there you have it, your CCH Tagetik data at your fingertips on the go.

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