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code of ethics

On 2012 CCH Tagetik adopted the following Code of Ethics, which clearly sets out the values and ethics that the company wishes to pursue and disseminate inside its organisation such that what is specified in this document acts as a guide and reference for all business activities.

The purpose of the Code of Ethics is:

  • to set and explain the principles and rules of behaviour that inform activities and relations with employees, collaborators, commercial partners, institutions and in general other stakeholders;
  • to specify the rules of behaviour that the addressees of this Code of Ethics must abide by;
  • to instil a sense of responsibility into those persons who operate in the sphere of action of CCH Tagetik regarding observance of the aforementioned rules, strengthening the awareness and commitment of management when it comes to imposing the relevant sanctions so as to ensure the effectiveness and efficacy of this Code of Ethics.

By adopting this Code of Ethics CCH Tagetik wishes to inform outsiders of the principles and rules of behaviour of the Company and its subsidiaries, which reinforce and give concrete expression to the general principle of legality, understood as respect for all laws, regulations, administrative measures and in general all regulatory provisions in force from time to time.