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Consolidation Pro

Duration: 2 days
Audience: Implementers
Prerequisites: Consolidation Expert courses (Data Model, Output Reporting and Data Collection, Consolidation, ETL)
Recommended: Project experience on Statutory Consolidation projects, practical experience with all the topics covered in the Basic Consolidation course

Objectives: This training course covers 4 of the most common topics of a standard Statutory consolidation project, such as Restatement and management of advanced event in the Ownership Structure register, and provides guidelines and best practices on how to approach to them.


  1. First Consolidation:
    • Reason of a first consolidation
    • How to manage data from customers
    • Focus on the activities to perform on customers' data;
  2. Common "events" of the year:
    • Acquisition
    • Change in ownership %
    • Increase/decrease of Share Capital
    • Deconsolidation
    • Merger
  3. Management vs Statutory consolidation: considerations about eventual different approaches;
  4. Subgroups: Consolidation scenario or Segment reporting? Considerations on segment analysis and when to use consolidation scenarios or segment reporting

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