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The Next Big Thing: Manuel Vellutini über die Finanztransformationsplatform

Hören Sie Manuel Vellutini, EVP Commercial, über die Finanztransformationsplatform auf der Tagetik in Touch 2018 in Miami.

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I believe that CFOs can have a great benefit in adopting our finance transformation platform because we are living in an amazing age where the CFO really needs to harness the power of data to make a much more informed decisions.

With the platform they can really improve the time they need to get results on the actuals, then they can improve the time they need to release new plans: new plans about the future, new plans about where the organization is going but most importantly they can really predict the future in a quickly and more accurate way than what they did in the past.

It's also an amazing time where CFOs can collect a huge amount of information across the businesses, across the departments, across geographies and again use this information to make much more informal decisions and to support the strategic direction of the organization.

This is extremely important.

And they can do that thanks to one single solution which is the finance transformation platform that is available both on Premise and on the Cloud.

So with an incredible flexibility that it will not disrupt your existing IT infrastructure.

They can also benefit from the platform in the way, on now, they support the C-levels, of the CEO and the other business managers in the organization supporting them in the way they steer the organization and supporting them in making the right decisions for their business in supporting them in disclosing the right information externally to the organization.

I think that this role of the CFO is really evolving thanks to the finance transformation platform, they can really improve the efficience and effectiveness of their processes, become more strategic in the business and support much more the new coming regulations.