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Keynote The Next Big Thing Manuel Vellutini

Sehen Sie die Keynote Highlights auf der CCH Tagetik in Touch 2018 in Miami von Manuel Vellutini EVP Commercial.

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So the Office of Finance today is being asked to modernize processes and systems.

First of all to reduce costs they'll also need at the same time to enable new capabilities that support the organization in gaining competitive advantage It has been asked the CFO today to go beyond the numbers and to manage and use the budgeting processes in order to allocate resources in the best way for the organization and also to gain competitiveness and to gain effectiveness that is extremely important.

That requires a shift in mentality from efficiency to efficiency through effectiveness Today the CFO needs really to master a new business culture, an evolving business culture.

A business culture that is well data and the ability to provide the insight using an increasing amount of available datasources is absolutely critical to the success.

The CFO needs to use this data to provide and to support the board of directors to make informed decision and to make the right decision for their organization to gain a competitive advantage.

This is extremely important and while the CFO is asked to do these things they also need to turn to innovation.

Turn to innovation means innovating the way, on now, they look at the role, innovating the way they interact with the rest of the organization and also innovating the systems and the technology that they are using deploying the latest technologies.