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CCH Tagetik bietet eine perfekte Ergänzung zum Kompetenzbereich von Satriun Groups

Erfahren Sie, warum die Berater von Satriun es lieben mit der robusten Technologie von CCH Tagetik zu arbeiten, die es ihnen ermöglicht, in jedem Projekt zu wachsen und zu erneuern.

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CCH Tagetik proposes an innovative platform that allows us to implement the great unified data models that we love designing for our clients.

CCH Tagetik solutions offer a perfect match to our areas of expertise: consolidation, IFRS, budgeting, planning, regulatory reporting, disclosures … and the third reason is the passion we feel in the people behind CCH Tagetik, their aim in understanding CFOs and proposing solutions for them.

CCH Tagetik's definitely allowed us to implement those unified data models we love to design for our clients: one platform, one single source of truth, one data model, one reporting engine is definitely the dream of every CFO and CCH Tagetik gets very close in making that happen.

Satriun consultants love working with CCH Tagetik, they find the technology robust and it allows them to definitely grow as consultants and innovate, so it's a pleasure for them to implement CCH Tagetik projects.

The team at CCH Tagetik is definitely very passionate about serving the CFO, making the request happened, finding solutions and definitely as well they care about their partners, we're feeling full support and we're able all together as a team to deliver a great projects.

Passion in everything they do, focus on one single platform and the ability to execute on pretty complex requirements from CFOs, those 3 combined are definitely something very special that no other vendor in the CPM space can deliver.

Most of our customers are able to cover 3 or more Corporate Performance Management processes, consolidation, budgeting, planning and management reporting.

Some of our other customers are able to answer regulatory reporting requirements such as complex IFRS 16, and some others are able to leverage their investments in SAP Hana and implement CCH Tagetik on top of SAP Hana.

The most powerful thing about CCH Tagetik is the completeness of vision in Corporate Performance Management.

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