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CCH Tagetik bringt RGP APAC auf das nächste Level!

Hören Sie, wie RGP APAC seinen Kunden mit CCH Tagetik, einer kosteneffektiven und einheitlichen Lösung für die Finanzabteilung, Mehrwert bieten kann.

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We decided to partner with CCH Tagetik because it is a solution that really fits well with a big part of our clients from a technical solution perspective, but also from a company perspective, I think there's a really good fit between CCH Tagetik as a company and RGB as a company that helps clients to really implement it within their organization.

CCH Tagetik actually helped us to go to the next level as an organization, we also are able to climb the value chain and be more involved in delivering solutions to our clients and in that way we really are able to build capabilities and to partner with CCH Tagetik to bring those capabilities to our clients, creating more value in a very cost-effective way for them.

By using CCH Tagetik they're really able to standardize and simplify the whole budgeting and planning cycle and really get a unified standard data and one version of the truth at your fingertips.

It's really that it is a unified platform, easy to implement and simple to use, so it's really easy to roll out into the organization … and it leaves also a lot of options for the client itself, whether they want to have a plug-in into their Excel, or whether it's come to be web-based, or in the cloud, or on premise, but in the end it's the same solution and really the clients themselves they can have their preferences or they can really use their own infrastructure in what state it is to be able to really make it accessible and very usable within the organization.

We trust CCH Tagetik is really going to be a valuable solution for them now and also in the future.

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