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Erreichen Sie Partner mit CCH Tagetik, der einzigen einheitlichen CPM-Lösung

Erfahren Sie, warum Attain CCH Tagetik seinen Kunden als einzige echte einheitliche CPM-Lösung empfiehlt

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The CCH Tagetik team has been very helpful, I mean committed and simply amazing. During a financial consolidation project I have been working with consultants from Singapore, from Japan, from Italy they all have been very committed and we were able to deliver the project to our customers in time, so I would say that this is one team that is able to take us through.

In terms of financial reporting and consolidation, is always about faster close, more accurate close and with more assurance so, CCH Tagetik consolidation ensures a faster process, allowing time for more business analysis, this would not have been possible if the customers continue to use Excel, so it is all about accomplishing more with less.

CCH Tagetik has a single unified platform for budgeting and consolidation, not many vendors out in the market really offer a single unified solution, so that really cuts down in terms of the processes, in terms of taking data from data sources, in terms of faster close and financial reporting, so it is really a tool for the CFO.

I would recommend CCH Tagetik as it is a pre-built financial consolidation solution and it features pre-configured dimensions that speeds up the implementation process, so as a partner, the time to implement and to complete the project, the time to deliver to the customers the business outcome, these are the most critical key success factors, so I would say that this is one of the main reasons I would recommend to partner with CCH Tagetik.

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