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2 Min Demo: Verwalten von IC-Transaktionen

Mit CCH Tagetik können Benutzer in einer benutzerfreundlichen Umgebung Transaktionen zu den Intercompany-Matches überprüfen, hinzufügen und anpassen. Dieses Video zeigt, wie diese Transaktionen während des Close- und Konsolidierungsprozesses intelligent verwaltet werden können.

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Managing inter-company transactions using CCH Tagetik.

In the previous two minute video I discussed how we run the IC cockpit, but how do the transactions that get used in the IC cockpit get into the system and how do we adjust them, once they're there.

Well, one approach is to run one of our QTL or ETL processes, two source these directly from a third-party database or the ERP system itself.

Another approach is to run this cockpit, this will open up the table that houses those intercompany transactions, to see the amounts as well as the counterparty relationships, but there's more you can do here: if you wish to add transactions manually, you simply do that by hitting the plus over here and filling in the appropriate information over here on the right using the provided dropdowns.

You'll fill in the entity currency amount and if you wish you can also enter a different transactional currency amount provided you to identify the transactional currency that it took place in.

You'll want to add a note because when I go to hit save the system will actually know that this particular transaction wasn't sourced by a third-party but was sourced by me.

Finally we can also manage the transactions here, inside the intercompany cockpit, now as you can see as you recall we have matches appeare but in this case there's additional information: we have Chicago's already locked their relationship vis-à-vis me New York, so when I go to look at these transactions I only have the option to show the IC, however down here in New York and Rome are still work in progress and here we have a mismatch but now when I select on this to have the ability to edit the IC.

When I open it up you can see the transactions that are used of course, one in US dollars, one in Euros, but maybe in discussing this with my Rome counterpart it's been revealed that I entered the wrong amount for the US side, so now I want to make an adjustment to account for this.

So this is how you can do it: I go ahead and hit the plus down here and again make the appropriate selections over here on the right, you fill in the amount as well as the invoice currency and of course you're going to add a note explaining exactly how you came about this, now I want to go ahead and hit save.

The system will not only save that note, it will also save the amount and it will note it on my dashboard with this underlined that an adjustments had been made by myself, so they'll never be any confusion as to where these transactions came about when doing your intercompany matching.

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