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Die IFRS 16 Lease Accounting Lösung von CCH Tagetik bietet Syngenta die Möglichkeit einen Drilldown auf einzelne granulare Daten durchzuführen

Erfahren Sie, wie Syngenta die IFRS 16 Anforderungen einfach und schnell erfüllt.

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Digital agriculture is one of the most exciting developments in the business landscape at the moment.

Syngenta's business has been to sell chemicals and seeds to farmers but we have to offer a digital solution.

IFRS 16 disclosure requirements build on previous requirements but a lot of them are new, so we needed new reports which provide us some high level information at our group consolidation level as well as the ability for our accounting teams around the world to run reports and when necessary to drill down into individual granular bits of data and the CCH Tagetik solution does this very well.

We are still working on refining something but we are very happy with this solution.

We are sourcing the data, the leasing contracts from other existing systems, databases, and we post into our existing SAP systems, so these interfaces had to be built, to be established and then tested.

CCH Tagetik in itself set up the configuration and that was fairly a simple thing, I have to say.

The key benefit is really to be compliant and to be compliant in the most easy way we could get there.

After signing the contract for CCH Tagetik we took a year until we went live, but it wasn't a year to prepare the software itself, there was a lot of discussions on how actually do the accounting logic and how to design the process.

I would definitely recommend CCH Tagetik for Lease Accounting, it works well for us, it was a smooth project.

CCH Tagetik is the right solution for us, there isn't a one-size-fits-all for companies, but for us this was the best way of giving us the tools to do our jobs in the new lease accounting world.

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