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Die idsMED Group wählt CCH Tagetik, um die Komplexität ihres Konsolidierungs- und Reportingprozesses über alle Geschäftseinheiten hinweg zu steuern.

Erfahren Sie, wie die idsMED Group ihre Konsolidierungswerkzeuge modernisiert hat. Dadurch entfällt die fehleranfällige, zeitaufwendige manuelle Dateneingabe und die Verkürzung des Close Cycle.

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Back to 2012 we were only three entities Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, and we used Excel for our reporting and it used to take a long time to do it, especially when you have different currencies and then you have to consolidate the figures and then presenting in USD.

We started looking for a solution, a consolidation system, we looked at Hyperion and the other various solutions available in the market… CCH Tagetik can actually do a lot of things that we wanted in the consolidation solution, for example the currency transactions, even the allocations, different rules, intercompany matching, so everything in one box.

CCH Tagetik has the allocation algorythm which uses what we call the multidimensional queries 'MDX', so we saw that technical capabilities is a must, in CCH Tagetik we can define as many processes as we want and if you look at IDSMedical we always report on the legal process and also on management process, so that is very nice actually to have, also when we look at the architecture itself, it has got a lot of features like intercompany elimination, currency translation allocation … everything is in there.

CCH Tagetik actually … the most value added I've seen is the standardization in our processes, innovation …… I would say is that … this platform that we have, we have data which can also be used by our Qlik dashboard.

CCH Tagetik has got a connector with Qlik and not only can Finance use these reports, I'll be able to actually give this information via dashboard to all my stakeholders, operations, Human Resources so they will have a single view of the whole company's performance From what I see the roadmap CCH Tagetik has, I think we're going to be surprised.

Yes of course I would recommend CCH Tagetik to someone else!

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