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Von Hyperion Essbase zu CCH Tagetik. Driscoll's kann jetzt von schnelleren und detaillierteren Daten profitieren und so ihre Reportingzeit um 50% reduzieren.

Erfahren Sie, wie Driscoll's ihren Reporting-Prozess mit unbegrenzten Dimensionen für Planung, Budgetierung und Analyse auf jeder Detailebene ohne Abhängigkeit von der IT vereinfacht und beschleunigt.

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The finance department is a support department in the company so I think that having instant information for making decisions is really important for our Executives especially because of the cost is changing constantly.

Before we were using Hyperion Essbase, we were not able to drill down or drill through, we didn't have those capabilities, it was hard to break down the cost, now that we are using CCH Tagetik maybe the cost and the time were reduced at 50%.

They understand the complexity of our reporting, so Driscoll's has a very complex income statement and they were able to understand that.

At the beginning we thought it would be very difficult for the administrators have the 100% of the control of the tool, but it's really easy.

We had different phases, the first one was a reporting implementation, followed by the Collaborative Office and cost center reporting and finally we just implemented Analytic Information Hub to process big data, it is not related to the GL.

We opted for the cloud because that way we were not depending from IT.

Now we have a tool that is capable to have tons of data, that has information from different ERP systems, having that in place is amazing and also it gives us flexibility to create different reports.

We have an hourly refresh of the data so that is helping us to do an analysis especially during the month end close, so we have faster information, that is great.

I'm a strong believer of the benefits of the tool so I definitely will recommend CCH Tagetik.

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