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Talking CCH Tagetik: 1 Minute mit Daimler

Erfahren Sie wieso CCH Tagetik den Software-Auswahlprozess bei Daimler für dich entscheiden konnte.

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In the end it had all the functions that we really needed.

We tried different products, different technologies and CCH Tagetik was the one that could do it all.

CCH Tagetik is really easy to implement, that's the first thing, when you have a new product to install, you have to figure out how to install it from an IT point of view, and how to get things run.

I think it took an afternoon and CCH Tagetik was running.

It's really easy to use, it's very intuitive, people can learn it easily.

The biggest positive impact is definitely to get rid of all the manual work we had to do in the past, that's for sure.

The CFO can rely on the data, that's the main point.

If you get data from different sources and different department, you don't know if the data is reliable, so that's the most important thing.

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