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Verovis T/4Connect ermöglicht es CCH Tagetik, die SAP S/4HANA Integration zu liefern, die andere versprochen haben!

Erfahren Sie, wie Verovis das volle Potenzial von CCH Tagetik in einer SAP S/4HANA-Umgebung ausschöpft, indem es ein Höchstmaß an nahtloser Integration bietet.

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Verovis decided to partner with CCH Tagetik about 4 years ago or more, since the foundation of Verovis was in 2015, right from the beginning we've implemented several projects with the CCH Tagetik team, we got very good feedback from customers about the product and its functionalities.

CCH Tagetik provides capabilities for planning, consolidation, reporting and now also advanced analytics and analytics capabilities with the new Analytic Information Hub which offers to the customers a broad range of functions and possibilities in just one single platform.

Finance function is crucial and very critical to look forward to the future and to focus on technologies like the Analytic Information Hub together with the Hana power which is introduced right now, it puts the effort in projects and in the business to find out what can happen even if it's not predictable right now.

CCH Tageitk helps to modernize the Finance function through a very high degree of flexibility within the application and it is the only CPM solution in the market running natively Hana, so customers can really benefit from both, from SAP technology and from CPM.

T/4 connect is an interface solution developed by Verovis for data integration and reporting purposes, if a customer decides for example to use a specific SAP front-end tool like SAP analytics cloud, we provide a helpful solution so he can still uses SAP product with CCH Tagetik, it's not a problem for him to use the CCH Tagetik for planning and consolidation, but for reporting he can still use another tool if it fits best his requirements.

I think the most powerful thing about CCH Tagetik is that you can really see how the software, the CPM solution, is growing very fast, more and more companies are introducing CCH Tagetik, also very big and global companies in the world and I'm very confident this development will keep going in the next few years and we are very proud to be a part of this development together with CCH Tagetik.

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