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Vetriva bietet seinen Finanzkunden mit CCH Tagetik eine aussagekräftige CPM-Einzellösung an

Vetriva hat sich für eine Partnerschaft mit CCH Tagetik entschieden, der einzigen Lösung auf dem Markt, die einheitlich ist und Management & Statutory Reporting nahtlos für die Finanzabteilung liefern kann.

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It's a unified tool, so if a customer has to invest into a complete EPM solution, they need to have at least 3, 4 products like consolidation budgeting, profitability and cost management, then there is the analytics and the visualization products, so it need to have 4 to 5 products to satisfy the management and the legal reporting, as well as the statutory regulations, while with CCH Tagetik … it is just one platform and everything, like consolidation, budgeting, allocations, reporting and analytics in one unified solution, so that makes CCH Tagetik different from other products available in the market.

When customers look at the CCH Tagetik product the first thing they appreciate is the usage in terms of user interface, which is more meaningful to them as financial users, which is easy and not complex, with only a click of a button.

The second feature that brings benefits to the customers is the Excel add in, so when they move from their excel-based planning models and budget models to a new system driven application the first thing that every customer realize is like: 'Okay, I will be more comfortable in Excel'… so they will be able to use the same Excel within CCH Tagetik, so that was a second feature which our customers really appreciate, in terms of bringing value to them, focusing on them, and making the customer as a central point for any kind of a software to be implemented for the organizational needs.

Interfaces with multiple source systems … bringing data into one place and making the customers use it with ease, that is one of the most powerful thing that I see within CCH Tagetik, it is not just delivering the solution and the product, improving it every quarter or every half year … so that is what makes CCH Tagetik more powerful and wonderful, comparing to other solutions.

I will surely recommend the people and the organizations I know to become a partner of CCH Tagetik.

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