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Satriung Group & CCH Tagetik beantworten die Herausforderungen der Finanzabteilung

Erfahren Sie, wie die Satriun Group & CCH Tagetik die anspruchsvollen Herausforderungen der Finanzabteilung bewältigen.

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We are a consulting firm focusing on all of that refers to the Corporate Performance Management offerings in the market.

CCH Tagetik is part of our service portfolio mainly for 3 areas: it offers an innovative solution, a unified integrated platform which allows a single source of truth.

On the other hand CCH Tagetik has a wide expertise on consolidation, reporting, budgeting, cost allocation and financial disclosure.

Thirdly, working with the CCH Tagetik team is a pleasure, they're highly professional and very keen on understanding the CFO's needs and to deliver the best solution.

CCH Tagetik brings all data models into one single repository and one integrated environment, I might say… It's definitely the dream of every CFO, all the financial processes we were talking about, statutory consolidation, management reporting, budgeting, cost allocation and financial disclosure… all in one platform and one single data source.

It's pretty unique compared to what other CPM vendors are delivering in the market.

Satriun consultants love working with CCH Tagetik, they find the technology robust and allows them to develop and implement advanced solutions on complex topics.

Beyond that, CCH Tagetik is really owned by finance which means that financial users are completely independent from IT, they can easily interact with the software, managing all the financial processes by themselves.

This is, definitely, one of the main differentiating point compared to other solutions in the same space.

Most of our clients are able to cover all 3 key CPM processes, consolidation, budgeting and planning using CCH Tagetik.

But what is also extremely interesting is that within this scalable solution, our customers can also meet complex regulatory requirements, such as for example IFRS and particularly IFRS 16.

At Satriun we find that CCH Tagetik has a very high-performance vision in terms of completeness, and a clear roadmap in CPM as compared to, not going to far, other BI solutions.

And that is pretty incredible.

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