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CCH Tagetik: eine neue Generation von CPM-Software, die Skehana eine Vielzahl von Angeboten für ihre Kunden bietet.

Hören Sie, warum CCH Tagetik für die Kunden von Skehana alle Funktionen des CPM-Markts und der Finanzabteilung erfüllt.

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We bring a depth of experience and credibility to our customers and we are able to help guide them through their implementation pains as we've actually lived this ourselves and we've guided many clients through the process.

A majority of our customers are on a specific solution and this brings us a kind of a new generation of software … a software that's taking advantage of the newer technologies I believe, and also gives us a lot of options for clients who are maybe of a smaller scale or want a different option based on what is out there in the marketplace right now.

CCH Tagetik has a couple of things that we really love about it: first of all it is a one integrated solution which … given my experience not all the packages out there are fully integrated, so this is one solution that is housed under one umbrella, it's totally transparent to the user, each component has the necessary complexities needed to accomplish, whether it be consolidation or budgeting, planning or forecasting… It's all under the same engine, yet it is consistent throughout, so implementing each of the components you are faced with consistent concepts, the administration of each of those is consistent and once you understand the structure, the hierarchy of CCH Tagetik, it becomes very easy to implement all of the pieces and again it's all housed under one umbrella, fully integrated, fully compatible with each other and transparent to the clients, that's really key.

It's nice that CCH Tagetik was actually purpose built from the ground up, using a very structured methodology which carries through across all its components.

I would say get ready for a wonderful ride, CCH Tagetik software obviously is extremely powerful and, as I said before, very purpose built, it satisfies all the needs in the CPM marketplace and in the office of the controller and finance department.

The culture and the people that are involved in it are so wonderful and that's that is always a large component: being able to work with wonderful people within a company, where they have the best of breed software that they have to offer.

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