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Die Partnerschaft mit CCH Tagetik bringt frischen Wind für Q_PERIOR

CCH Tagetik bringt den Kunden von Q_PERIOR einen Mehrwert, indem es Lösungen bietet, den regulatorischen Druck entlastet und die Berichterstattung nach IFRS 17 und Solvency II in einem analytischen Arbeitsbereich ermöglicht.

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CCH Tagetik has been a real eye opener for us I believe, we do a lot of finance transformation projects, a lot of large ERP type implementations and it's really a kind of a breath of fresh air to work with CCH Tagetik.

We find it's a product that can bring value to customers quickly, in a cost-effective manner and in a time effective manner, so we're able to bring this to our clients and we're able to deliver them solutions to solve problems in a very efficient manner.

My experiences have been fantastic, so I've had the opportunity to work with them, both the pre-sales organization and also on the delivery side, so both experiences have been great, we first started to work with CCH Tagetik on some opportunities that some of our clients were at and the sales team was very responsive and very on point in terms of what the client was looking for, I've also been able to work with some of their consultants on delivery of a solution to whatever clients, again very responsive, they always have an answer, they're able to deliver what the customer needs, so I think it's been a really good relationship for us and I look forward to continuing that.

For us in the insurance and reinsurance space there's lot of regulatory pressures, I think some of the solutions around Solvency II have been very beneficial as well in the future with IFRS 17 is going to impact a lot of our clients and the analytical workspace looks like something that will really be beneficial, really to all industries but especially to insurance and reinsurance worlds, so we're looking forward to working with CCH Tagetik on these types of projects.

I think it's the architecture, its ability to bring in data from multiple sources, standardize that data and transform it, so its standard structure … and then be able to report it in many different formats and ways … that flexibility to me is the key thing that brings a lot of value to the office of Finance.

They are true to the word, they're very customer-focused and they deliver.

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