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Talking CCH Tagetik: 1 Minute zum Thema Budgeting & Planing bei der Brookline Bank

Erfahren Sie von der Brookline Bank wie CCH Tagetik dabei geholfen hat die Prozesse effizienter zu gestalten und die Produktivität und die Fähigkeit Daten zu analysieren gesteigert wurde.

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One of the benefits of using CCH Tagetik for budgeting is … our budget results … our budget factually is just better and so there are lots of schedules that we can load into our budgeting process, we're getting better at gathering up all that information we know what our depreciation is, we know what our lost factors for loan loss provisions are and CCH Tagetik is a great tool for getting all that known information in and the rest is in the details and the new client acquisition that you have … you just press the button then it goes.

We're able to do strategic initiatives, modeling them up in the system and utilize that for our forecast and our budget.

A lot of the information reporting that we have in CCH Tagetik in getting due diligence documentation for secondary stock offering we did and again with the purchase of our first commons bank with our regular yearly FED examinations, we have again a lot of reporting and information right at our fingertips and so a lot of our capital planning, strategic planning, all of our budgets … it's just a few clicks of a button, and we're able to get that documentation out for due diligence and our regulatory evidence.

Being on CCH Tagetik and being on that single platform … the answer is a sort of just contained right in there.

I spend about half of my life actually logged on in CCH Tagetik and so I find myself doing very little in the way of fishing, everything that you need for accounting and finance is right there.

I would recommend CCH Tagetik unreservedly, it's a great system and I think it'd be good for small and medium size companies such as ours or even larger institutions, so I wouldn't hesitate and I've done that many times already.

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