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Sechs Hauptvorteile der CCH Tagetik Lösung für regulatorische Zwecke (Video 5)

Hören Sie Sara Rosati, Leiterin des CCH Tagetik Solution Managements, um zu erfahren, wie Sie mit CCH Tagetik Lösungen schnell Bestimmungen einhalten können.

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At CCH Tagetik we are providing our customers with one single solution to cover the entire regulatory process across the different requirements.

Our proposal can be summarized in six essential benefits that are innovating the way Finance is thinking about their tasks.

The first one is a no-disruptive approach implementing only required functionalities driven by the customers specific business environment and application architecture, ensuring at the end the best solution and minimizing the overall investiment.

The second one is the end-to-end process matching governance and agility to adapt the new rules to be compliant quickly with the changing of the requirements.

Third one is one hundred percent rules transparency, allowing visibility on configuration rules through a user-friendly interface.

The fourth point is complete auditability, full traceability of the end-user activity also for audit purposes.