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Deal with your legacy consolidation system before it deals with you!


When your outdated financial close systems become an obstacle to your processes, you need to replace it. CCH Tagetik streamlines your consolidation process by bringing you best-in-class functionalities.

Single, unified solution to master the main processes of financial close

CCH Tagetik allows to redesign financial and disclosure processes providing a single CPM platform, meeting the growing requirements at all the levels of your organization.

CPM maturity roadmap

The future for your reporting process will not depend anymore on the availability of a team of scripting experts. That future can be set in our mature CPM landscape, in which workflow based processes improve the collaboration of users. Our clear roadmap is based on more than 30 years of experience, listening to the needs of the financial experts of over 1.000 customers that rely on CCH Tagetik.

Free choice of operating model

Tagetik replaces complex architectures based on multiple products and servers with a unified CPM Solution. CCH Tagetik runs on best in class database technologies available on the market and without any distinction on Cloud and On Premise.

Traditional CPM systems were not built to manage data, CCH Tagetik enables greater collaboration, breakthroughs in understanding data interconnection and value creation are key drivers in any decision making process.

Speaker: Paolo Guerrieri

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