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Simplify finance for non-financial leaders

Not all decision-makers speak ‘finance.’ That’s why our corporate performance management solution is designed to be simple and intuitive. It makes it easy to manage your budget, proactively monitor performance and generate reports or dashboards for deeper insights and better, more accurate decision-making.

You don’t have to speak finance to be financially-focused and aligned with the corporate strategy. You just need CCH Tagetik financial solutions for line of business.

Line of Business


Cross functional alignment

Cross functional alignment among the lines of business, corporate strategy and financial goals

Simplify the process

Simplify the process by using the same system for budgeting, planning, forecasting, modeling and reporting

Spend less time

Spend less time manually updating spreadsheets, sharing files via email or trying to discern if the numbers are accurate

Proactive insights

Proactive insights by using interactive dashboards to monitor and track the LoB performance and attainment towards targets

Single source of the truth

Single source of the truth with real-time updates to performance results and targets so you know as it happens

Work collaboratively

Work collaboratively with communications features like notes and comments

With CCH Tagetik, all decision makers gain a unified approach to Corporate Performance Management

Simplify the planning process

You don’t need to be an accountant to create your plan or budget using CCH Tagetik. For the LOB leaders, CCH Tagetik combines departmental information, like sales data, with financial information. By unifying the two, LOBs are placed in context with the organization’s broader picture.

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Manage and maintain profitability

Planning for profitability is dependant on understanding your true costs. With CCH Tagetik, you create business models to assess and analyze different “what-if” scenarios that impact your cost structure. CCH Tagetik provides activity-based costing so you can model your indirect costs and determine their tangible impact.
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Model your financial and resource needs

Need to justify funding for that new project or prove the worth of specific investment or hire? In CCH Tagetik, you can create business models and ‘what-if scenarios’ to assess business needs and determine the optimal resource requirements.

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Make better decisions, respond to change

From small unpredicted market events, like a competitive product, to massive, corporate shaking events, like economic downswings, you can easily manage and measure your own performance and model it against prospective events to review impacts. Since you can proactively monitor performance with real-time data, you’ll be prepared when a major or minor shift occurs.


Communicate with finance

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how many product features you released, the number of email campaigns you created or how many clients your team visited - it comes down to the bottom line. CCH Tagetik gives you the insight to manage outcomes and align your organization with financial goals and work strategically with finance to meet them.

Use tools you know

Using familiar tools like Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and Word, you don’t have to learn a new system or understand backend databases to generate budgets, plans or reports. With native integration to Microsoft Office, CCH Tagetik uses the tools you’re most familiar with.

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Work in a collaborative environment

LOB stakeholders use the Microsoft Office tools they know, with defined workflows and multi-user controls that reduce bottlenecks and eliminate versioning issues. CCH Tagetik gives you validation, controls and audit trails for complete transparency. Plus, within CCH Tagetik, you can comment, email, IM, alert and share documents.

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Get deep analysis across all business lines

Slice, dice and drill down into data using web-based dashboards. Drag and drop your findings into charts, graphs and reports online or through mobile in real-time. In CCH Tagetik, you work within templates to generate reports that are meaningful to your line of business.

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