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strategic Planning

Do you plan by year, by quarter or by month - or a combination? At the P&L line, account group, account, or line item level? CCH Tagetik was built to help modernize & optimize strategic planning and budgeting processes, regardless of your approach.

Offering built-in financial intelligence and unified budgeting, forecasting, modeling and reporting capabilities, our strategic planning software helps you deliver more accurate strategic plans, improved decision-making and better business performance.

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strategic Planning key capabilities include


Align Finance with Operations

The strategic plan is a sum of all parts, which means finance and operations need to find common ground. Using a suite of collaboration tools, finance and operations can work together within the system to share documents, comments, changes, and versions, while tracking activity. Administrators keep their tabs on contributors with the ability to determine workflows, see report status, set deadlines and communicate through IM and email without leaving the interface.


Business Driver Impact

In order to create a plan that will action on the best strategy, CCH Tagetik allows you to assess the impact of different operational, financial and HR scenarios by modelling those drivers and then incorporating results into budgets, plans and forecasts. Using real-time data and without waiting for data synchronization, recalculation or reconsolidation, compare variance in reports and play out what-if scenarios.


Real-time Performance Insights

Instantly analyze business scenarios, assess your course of action and make a move. CCH Tagetik provides real-time updates, alerts and notifications. You can set notifications by email, receive them through the application or send them to your mobile device. With scorecards, dashboards, web reports and ad hoc analytics that update as your numbers do, you can respond as things change. 



Forecast across fiscal years or develop periodic and rolling forecasts using the real-time actuals, historical information, budgeting and planning data. Re-forecast plans, financial statements and budgets based on variances in models and various business drivers. Assessing changing market conditions and internal operating scenarios is easy in CCH Tagetik. 



Any report can be 'dragged and dropped' to become a dashboard and include visualizations. CCH Tagetik makes it easy for every non-financial and non-technical user to be a more informed decision-maker. Every user can easily generate reports and analyze performance using CCH Tagetik's self-service analytics. 



So you can choose the best strategic direction, CCH Tagetik enables you to play out what-if scenarios and create snapshots according to various operational and financial assumptions. See results and how they affect key performance reports like the P&L, balance sheet and cash flow and then compare those results side-by-side, visually, in a single click. 

CCH Tagetik's strategic planning Software is trusted by leading companies across all industries


Strategic Planning, Budgeting & Planning, Consolidation,


Strategic Planning, Consolidation, Budgeting, Planning, Closing, Management Reporting

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Strategic Planning, Budgeting, Planning & Consolidation


Strategic Planning, Long Term Planning & Analysis


Strategic Planning, Reporting, Budgeting & Planning, Statutory Consolidation

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Strategic Planning, Budgeting & Planning, Consolidation, Financial Close & Reporting

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