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Video Interview with Karl Mouantri, General Manager Asia Pacific

Listen to Tagetik’s General Manager of Asia Pacific, Karl Mouantri who shares why Tagetik 'Get's' finance and what sets us apart from other vendors.

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What's behind a tagline is really to understand the customer's environment in a 360-degree view meaning What drives Finance technology changes all the time but we have a lot of external factors we have the way to our customers work You really need to understand that whole environment but they're exposed to and what they're trying to do Once you understand that You can apply what we know about Finance and bring in the best practices right, and that's what we do with business practices technology will always change it doesn't matter but we bring best practices and we give that to our clients and they get the results! But the key here is out unified system but unified systems allows us to look at all the different Financial processes and work with our clients on them, try to tie the different processes together And then get them to see the bigger picture if they do that We are actually applying what we do very well, a Unified Solution, One database One piece of data that one solution and that's Tagetik in a nutshell We are passionate about what we do because we do bring results, it's maybe our ancestry in Italy the hospitality the Mediterranean warmth that we bring right and also a little bit we are a little bit the underdog We are not a Big Silicon Valley company, we do everything to please our customers and we therefore have to go that extra take that extra step to make sure that our customers are happy and I think that makes a big difference.

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