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Roadshow IFRS 16 Wake Up Call

Watch this webinar to better understand the challenges of IFRS 16 that will come into effect January 2019. You will learn about the impact of this new standard, and how to get them up and running which is often more challenging and time consuming than expected.

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Chapter 1 Intro CCH Tagetik & PwC

Brief Introduction of hosting companies: CCH Tagetik with Marco van der Kooij and Bas Steltenpool for PwC.

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Chapter 2 Business Perspective form PwC

Listen to Andrea Sternisko, Senior Manager Capital Markets & Accounting Advisory Services division, PwC while is explaining the practical challenges and date requirements for IFRS 16.

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Chapter 3 Lease Accounting Solution Perspective

Watch the video and learn about IFRS 16 requirements and the impact on data, systems and processes.

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Chapter 4 Lease Accounting Demo from CCH Tagetik

Watch the demonstration of CCH Tagetik Lease Accounting Solution and find out how to be compliant with all the IFRS 16 requirements.

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Chapter 5 Qustions & Answers

Listen to the Questions & Answers on CCH Tagetik Lease Accouting (IFRS 16) Solution.

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