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Randstad Group

Consolidation, Budgeting and rolling forecasting, Cash flow, Management and Investor Relations reporting, Annual and quarterly IFRS reporting

I am very proud that we have delivered the project within the timelines that we had set and within the budget. CCH Tagetik will deliver added value to Randstad Group through its advanced functionality and cloud deployment.

Rob Fenne - Managing Director Group Accounting


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the challenge

Randstad Group had been using Hyperion Enterprise to collect, consolidate and report the performance of its operations. Its limited scalability and dimensionality was increasingly posing challenges for its planning & control cycle. A number of key topics, such as cash flow reporting and organic growth reporting, were done using customized Excel spreadsheets. Furthermore, process management was a challenge in the existing software.




Flexible organizational structures to manage new entities and account

Fast deployment

Short implementation phase with an intense testing period

IC reconciliation

Easy reconciliation and automatic balancing of intercompany relationship

Better data quality

Better data quality and more transparent business processes

Web solution

Web solution and online validations with direct response

Successful knowledge transfer

Fast knowledge transfer through pmOne/CCH Tagetik coaching

the solution

CCH Tagetik software was used to develop the new reporting solution. In close cooperation with Randstad, implementation partner Satriun Group designed the new data model that integrated income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement, creating an indirect cash flow statement that is automatically calculated including relevant currency translation, intercompany elimination and equity consolidation effects.

Both management reporting and IFRS reporting requirements were combined to ensure a single data source for internal and external reporting. Multiple category hierarchies were designed to allow for actual, like-forlike as well as pro forma-views on the data. Combining these category hierarchies with the legal ownership data stored in the application, organic growth reporting was established which allowed for a more ‘on-the-fly’ presentation and comparison between two selectable periods. This new functionality was documented in an end-user manual and the 450 CCH Tagetik users were trained on the new closing process at various locations in Europe, USA, Argentina, Singapore and Japan. After two months of parallel reporting, CCH Tagetik was taken into production according the original project plan and within the project budget.

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