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Raiffeisen Bank International

raiffeisen bank

Michael Weese - Head of Business Informatics

“Along with a streamlined process, we have better data quality, more reliable data, and more transparency. I would say we are audit proof with our budgeting process and about 40% faster.”

Timex Group

timex group

Shelly Krpata - Senior Manager of Financial Reporting and Consolidation

“This was our opportunity to do things better. We didn’t want to just rebuild what we had before. We wanted the ability to assess and present a situation in a meaningful way, rather than just presenting a bunch of numbers.”



Bjørn Born Sylvest - BI Project Manager

“CCH Tagetik is a complete CPM solution used for consolidation, planning and data collection. The integration of CCH Tagetik with QlikView  is just one of the great things CCH Tagetik is doing. This helps us  complete the MMR reporting process within 7 days for more than 125 entities.”

Astaldi Group

astaldi group

Andrea Corsini - Strategic Planning and Management Control

“Unifying our corporate performance management and financial governance processes was a ‘must-have’ at Astaldi. We selected a vendor with strong technological competence, well-known experience in the performance management space, in-depth knowledge of the construction industry as well as a truly unified software solution with the ability to cover all our future business requirements without any additional investments.”



Rob Fenne - Managing Director Group Accounting

“I am very proud that we delivered the project within budget and the set timeline. CCH Tagetik delivers added value to Randstad Group through its advanced functionality and cloud deployment.”

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Rene Witlox - Head of Strategic Development BI

“Working with CCH Tagetik has been a perfect fit from day one. The commitment and enthusiasm of CCH Tagetik’s consultants have helped make our project a success.”

Johnston Press

JPI Media

Ishfaq Is-haq - Head of Performance Management

“The ability to combine operational and financial data means we can track and analyze daily performance to maximize revenue and customer value. We now have the insight to make the right business decision at the right time.”

John Hanckock

John Hancock

Jeff Nataupsky - vice president of financial reporting and controls

“Besides accelerating and optimizing our reporting, CCH Tagetik's  reporting solution has changed the way we think about our financial processes. We now have more accountability in all of our business areas and a centralized financial repository that ensures data consistency. Another bonus is the reduction of manual data entry. In the United States, we’re down to about 5% from almost 100% prior to implementation.”

Centrex Europe Energy & Gas AG


Kamila Kominek - Director International Accounting

“CCH Tagetik reduced my stress during the quarterly financial consolidation process and saved us so much time that we gave our subsidiares later deadlines to complete their close cycles. If I would go for another job with another company, my first action would be to convince the management to implement CCH Tagetik.”


ambea group

Thomas Sjöberg - Group Chief Accountant

“It takes us about six working days to gather our subsidiaries’ results. With the old solution, I would then run the complicated, manual group consolidation process over another three days. With CCH Tagetik, I can now deliver the Group reporting package to the Board on day seven.   And if I am not in the office, any of my colleagues can run the process.”

CCH Tagetik performance management software is trusted by businesses of all shape, sizes and industries


Disclosure Management, Consolidation, Budgeting & Planning,

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Leonardo (Ex Finmeccanica)

Management Reporting, Project Controls, Disclosure Management

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Unicredit Group

Consolidation, Budgeting, Disclosure Management, Reporting, Analysis

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Generali Group

IFRS Consolidation, MVBS, BPF, IVASS, Solvency II, Technical Provision


Solvency II, CDM, Data Entry, Consolidation, Reporting


Budgeting & Planning of the Group, IFRS Consolidation, Cash Flow

Laing O'Rourke

Laing O'Rourke

Buta Biring - Business Analyst

“The system makes it easy to find and diagnose issues. And when you find a problem, it won't take more than a few moments to solve. Now I don't get stressed when the workload piles up.”



Anton Verver - Project Manager

“Having seen lots of various applications, I am impressed by the way CCH Tagetik supports the business in gathering and modelling financial data, either for consolidation or for Solvency II. The way the application documents the various (batch) processes is extremely good. Auditors will love this application for the auditability and tracebility.”

Trade Media Group

Trader Media Group

Bob Cooper - Finance Solutions Lead

“CCH Tagetik is an awesome reporting and reconciliation solutionl that puts systems control back in the hands of the  Finance team.  It does exactly what it says on "the label.”

Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations (CDC)

Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations

Mathias Guérin - Deputy Managing Director and CFO, Informatique-CDC

“One of the biggest advantages we’ve gained is having a solution that gives local entities the control and flexibility they need to effectively manage their businesses, while simultaneously supporting the CDC’s centralized management objectives and the very complex compliance reporting requirements we must address.”



Alessandro Mantini - Senior Consolidation Specialist

“CCH Tagetik helps us understand our business in less than a minute. We spend far less time waiting for report generation. It also eliminates much of the manual work I had to do previously.  CCH Tagetik is a fast, reliable, consistent solution for my reporting needs.”

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