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Workforce Planning

Improve compensation planning with a solution that is quick to implement and easy to use.

3 reasons why CCH Tagetik Workforce Planning let's you focus on your business

Key Capabilities

Manage your workforce needs precisely and efficiently. Configure our starter-kit’s highly sought-after workforce planning functionality to develop compensation models, determine employee costs, and adjust quickly to changing human variables.

  • Plan compensation and costs down to the employee level
  • Forecast transfers, terminations and open positions by department
  • Create forecasts and budgets with any time horizons
  • Create forecasts using global and local assumptions.
  • Play what-if scenarios to optimize workforce

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Key Benefits - Workforce Planning

Key Benefits

Align workforce data with all corporate data, plans and processes in one trusted source. Whether deployed on the cloud or on-premise, our starter-kit comes out-of-the-box with essential functions that you can easily configure to meet your unique needs.

  • Integrates with any CCH Tagetik solution
  • Pre-built using best practices for US companies
  • Centralized data, workflow and built-in reporting tools
  • Dynamically connects plans to workforce goals
  • Deploys on the cloud or on-premise

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Other information

Release Date: October 2019

Product Version: CCH Tagetik 5.3.x

Application Version: 1

Languages: English

Targeted Job Function: Finance, Accounting

Industry: All Industries