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Die Kompetenz von IFB im Finanzmanagement passt perfekt zur Finance Transformation Plattform von CCH Tagetik

Erfahren Sie, wie IFB-Kunden jetzt in einer viel stärker integrierten Umgebung arbeiten können und von einer erheblichen Digitalisierung im Berichtswesen profitieren.

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In IFB Group we have a strong expertise in financial management risk reporting topics and in this context we combine content-related expertise with implementation and we decided to go for CCH Tagetik as one of the key providers in this area that we consider to be a professional and good integrated solution especially in the combination of content-related topics reporting for instance in IFRS16.

I think this is a good example of how this combines IFB's offering with CCH Tagetik's solution.

On basis of CCH Tagetik platform I think our customers are now able to work in a much more integrated way because in the past they used a number of different applications to do what they do with CCH Tagetik now and I think this substantially helps to better integrate, be more transparent and have a much better setup than before.

And also with this good link to HANA and to SAP that you offer, I think it is a very well integrated and a good set up that our customers can achieve with the use of CCH Tagetik now.

CCH Tagetik from my point of view provides also good alternative solutions to achieve a certain level of digitalization in reporting.

I think quite good close content-related contacts and good competent people, so I think this is a good basis to offer a good service to the clients.

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