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CCH Tagetik erfüllt Hunterdon's HR-Planungs- und Forecasting-Bedürfnisse

Hunterdon ist sich sicher, die heutigen Herausforderungen mit CCH Tagetik zu meistern, um Budgetierung, HR-Planung sowie Forecasting für das gesamte Unternehmen liefern zu können.

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In the last few years the regulatory industry with the Obamacare has greatly changed things from one year to the next… We've also acquired a number of physician practices, which is a different line of business … the industry is moving that way also … and we've been using CCH Tagetik in order to help analyze that information, and we are going with the acquisitions of the physician practices.

One of the biggest problems we had was that we had multiple sources of data and we had data but we could never bring it together and marry it up, so that it made sense to anybody, one of the big problems that we had was … we had statistics on one system and our employees on a different system … we've now been able to bring the statistics and the employees together so that we can have productivity analysis, we've also been able to cross the time period problem and match up the statistics which were usually recorded on a monthly basis, to the employees who are paid on by weekly basis, so we've been able to bring all that together and produce by weekly productivity reports to make things a whole lot simpler and more valuable to our end users.

We've also been able to take our employees from those payroll reports and match them up to the budgeted hours, so we can look at 'by employee' compared to where they were in the budget, and do variance analysis by employee.

We had always just brought in the account level detail for the general ledger, meaning just supplies and expenses, traveling, but we didn't know what we were spending the money on and so every month when we produce reports for the department directors to do variance analysis on, they didn't know … they didn't have the ability to find out the information of where the actual dollars were spent … a few months ago we were able to work with CCH Tagetik and we brought in the detail information from the subsystems … so now they have vendor information detail line, item information about what they spent their money on, and it has been such a benefit to us over the last few months… that the directors can actually look into the detail, find out what they spent their money on and actually be able to explain to us why there is a variance, so there's something very simple but it has made a huge impact for us.

The ability to take the data and break it into multiple hierarchies has helped us tremendously This last year we broke our hospital into four different companies basically it was just for reporting purposes, but we now had to allocate all of our overhead costs to all four of the company's, so that was something that we were doing internally for the last couple of years and we are able … we pretty seamlessly to transform that into actual transferring dollars from one company to the next, so it had helped us greatly in the last year with our changing structure.

The workflow: being a small company and very few people that we have at the office, we really haven't had a workflow … we just get things done but we've gotten much more complicated right now so we've been using the CCH Tagetik workflow in order to figure out what it is we are actually doing and that's beginning to help in seeing where we can actually automate processes and take out stuff that has no value added.

I would recommend CCH tagetik to anybody who asked me, I've referred maybe three or four of other your current clients to the product.

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