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Die AGF Gruppe wählt CCH Tagetik Cloud als ihre komplette, umfassende Lösung für das Corporate Performance Management.

AGF besitzt eigene Systeme mit CCH Tagetik Cloud, die ihre Konsolidierungs- und Berichtsagilität schnell, einfach und von jedem Gerät aus verbessern.

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Before CCH Tagetik, we used Excel spreadsheets, so it was difficult to have a level of confidentiality, a level of trust in the data and the Excel worksheets didn't work well, because we have some data in one Excel spreadsheet and in another there were different data.

So it was very complicated to provide our board with good results, that's why we needed to go to the source and have data which is more confident and trustworthy.

Our board needed a simple and flexible solution, so when it came to the time to do the selection, CCH Tagetik proved us that we could find the solution for our board regarding the reporting, the magazine, the flexibility… With CCH Tagetik a single person can view the report and understand the data … it was very, very meaningful … that's why we selected CCH Tagetik.

With CCH Tagetik we have one simple solution, you can have your statutory reporting in the same time that you have your management reporting and if you want to compare your actual data with the budget … it's easier to see it with one click you can just have a scenario which compare your budget, your actuals, your forecasts and have all your data in one Excel spreadsheet.

With the cloud we are able to manage all our data without any such maintenance and there's also some security with the cloud, so we are able to not lose your data if, for example, there's some crashes and you're able to recover your data by using CCH Tagetik in the cloud, so we adopted the solution and we are very, very proud of that.

During the implementation process I've been impressed by the availability of the consultant team.

With this kind of solution the availability of the consultants is a crucial thing, because we need to learn … it's a learning curve, even if it's user-friendly we need some tips & tricks I can say that the consultants from CCH Tagetik are available to provide their support, they're open 24 hours a day, when I have some problems here, I can call them, I can send a chat …they are very, very available … this impressed me a lot.

The biggest positive impact, I would say, is all the data are the same, because working in a group with so many companies, so many challenges brings us to validate the data and by having one solution … it's very, very useful because we can have the same data in one place and be sure that this data is right.

This is a positive impact because at a corporate level, we have to make the reporting towards the board by taking the data from other entities.

Having a uniform data, having the same data is very, very important for us.

Yes, definitely, I would recommend CCH Tagetik to other users and customer.

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