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2 min demo: Umsatzplanung in Wohnimmobilien

Erfahren Sie, wie Sie für Ihre Wohnimmobilien planen können, indem Sie jede Entwicklung auf das detaillierteste Level - wie beispielsweise den Grundriss oder sogar das Grundstück, auf dem eine Einheit sitzt, herunterbrechen. Fokussieren Sie Ihre Analyse auf die Profitabiliät jeder Initiative, indem Sie mit verschiedenen Einkommensflüssen rechnen, harte und weiche Entwicklungskosten, sowie adäquate Lohnausgaben berücksichtigen.

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Revenue planning can be very different depending on the industry we're dealing with.

When it comes to real estate, one of the main areas of focus is the residential community or sometimes even the actual floor plans within a community.

Let's take a quick look.

From a single point of access in CCH Tagetik budget users have everything they need for their community plan.

For instance they will be able to produce proformas to project out how many units will be sold, started, maybe even sold and closed throughout multiple years for any specific community as in this case, or any other kind of future communities that our plans might require.

For each community, budget users can also further detail all their plan by series to include specific property lines that each community comes with and also define some attributes, such as the size of each property line, maybe the lot dimensions, but also how many units will be coming with each property line.

Furthermore, it is also possible to detail out each series of property line by individual floor plans that each property line comes with, to include also specific attributes such as the number of stories, or maybe number of bedrooms and even the square footage, and assign a specific base selling price to the individual floor plan, or maybe to the total property line, by leveraging the built-in spreading functionality of CCH Tagetik that will allow end users to assign a price for the total property line that the system will be allocating and spreading back to the individual floor plans within the property line.

End users will also have the ability to budget any hard or soft cost at the individual floor plan level, but most importantly it will also be able to allocate down the total number of units that each series comes with, to the individual floor plans by leveraging a familiar percentage mix to represent the proper product mixed within each property line.

The typical output of residential real estate planning in CCH Tagetik is a familiar analytical report showing profitability at the individual community level or at any other aggregations of communities properly broken out by its main components, where it is possible to drill down anywhere is needed, leveraging the standard date of discovery capabilities that come with the CCH Tagetik reporting functionality.

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