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2 Min Demo: Dashboarding & Datenvisualisierung

Generieren Sie für Ihr Unternehmen einen Mehrwert, indem Sie visuelle und interaktive Dashboards erstellen, über die Sie mit Hilfe eines In Memory Operational Grids Zugang zu Live-Daten erhalten und Slicing and Dicing Analysen durchführen können.

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While detailed financial reports are the most thorough way to analyze data, often the most obvious trends are hidden within large tables of information.

Leveraging CCH Tagetik's dashboarding capabilities, we can quickly visualize large sets of data coming directly from your live reports to help with your investigation.

Let's take a look.

Directly from your homepage, I can access the highly visual yet interactive dashboard, which can also include different tabs, just like anyone of your reports, I can have an HR tab, a Sales tab as well as an Operating Expense tab.

Now, each tab can also include multiple sheets where, in this example, I can take a look at my FTE break out on a geographical map.

Now if we toggle over to the operating expense side of things, I see a number of highly visual displays, where I can take a look at my expenses by department, by expense category or maybe take a look at a monthly or quarterly view.

Now, of course I can start interacting with these displays by selecting or deselecting certain measures for a better analytical view, but I can also do more than that.

I can start filtering by entity for example, instead of selecting multiple entities, I can just focus on my New York entity for my expense break out and multiple charts will update at the same time.

But we don't stop there, if I really want to dig deeper into the numbers behind these visualizations, I can also access a pivot table and start slicing and dicing these financials as part of my investigation.

Now, if I want to narrow in on a few select accounts I can easily select those, as well as start changing my view to break out my entities by cost center, and I can also leverage on in cell charting capabilities to help me visualize data inconsistencies and spot outliers.

In terms of creating these dashboards, it's a 100% finance owned activity, and these dashboards can be created within minutes just by pointing to a slice of data you want to visualize and following a simple guided wizard from CCH Tagetik.

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