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A Leading Provider of Reinsurance

This leading provider of reinsurance implemented CCH Tagetik’s software solution for Financial Reporting including XBRL Tagging and Consolidation

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Die Herausforderung

The challenge

The Company is a leading provider of property, casualty and finite risk reinsurance offered through reinsurance brokers to clients worldwide. For the six-person finance reporting team, consolidation and quarterly reporting was a big challenge. The team faced tight deadlines for internal management and board reporting and for external filings including the 10-Q/10-K, financial supplements and earning releases. In addition, the team was reliant on a manual, spreadsheet driven process involving an average of 10 workbooks for the quarterly close.

CCH Tagetik Lösung

The solution

CCH Tagetik emerged as the clear choice, with ease-of-use among the top differentiators.
CCH Tagetik allows us to be finance-driven,” said Yuel. “It’s visually understandable and easy to follow. Anyone who knows Word and Excel can use it.


Other reasons for selection include CCH Tagetik’s built-in functionality (for example, the software automatically checks consistency of numbers between reports), spreadsheet controls, the ability to easily combine numbers and text, and XBRL capabilities. “We could see that the software would be adaptable to our requirements,” said Yuel. “And the CCH Tagetik team understood and was very responsive to our needs.”



Automated reporting process

The company’s reporting process has improved and the closing time has reduced

Significant time savings

The reporting time for every quarterly has shortened (for six person team, 40 hours saved per person per quarter)

Reduced spreadsheet complexity

No more worries about manual spreadsheets and formulas and uncontrolled changes.

Seamless XBRL tagging

XBRL tagging in house has saved in outsourcing consulting fees and greatly simplified the tagging process

Rounding functionality

With CCH Tagetik you can easealy build the rounding functionality into reports. You don't have to ‘chase the dollar’ anymore

Additional functionalities

Take advantage of the new CCH Tagetik functionalities, enhancing your product


CCH Tagetik allows us to be financedriven. It’s visually understandable and easy to follow. Anyone who knows Word and Excel can use it.We decided that we really needed to address the bigger issues of improving efficiency and reducing risk by automating our entire financial reporting processes. One of our top specifications was the ability for the finance team to manage the software and not have to involve IT in report changes.

Laryssa Yuel, the Company’s senior vice president of finance