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08 Juni 2010 - Lucca, Italien

Die Bedeutung von Zusammenarbeit im Budgetierungsprozess

Aus der Perspektive von Tagetik, Microsoft und Gartner

Tagetik, a global provider of Performance Management, Financial Governance and Business Intelligence software solutions, will be hosting a web seminar to address the CFOs’ growing need to provide organizations with a ‘collaborative performance management’ software aimed to improve communication and decision-making throughout their budgeting, planning and forecasting processes.

Despite unprecedented levels of information and investment in technology, many organizations still don’t have the infrastructure to allow multi-functional teams to quickly collaborate and accurately respond to questions such as: ‘why is our flagship product underperforming in one market?’ – ‘what action can we take to quickly remedy the situation?’ – ‘if we take these actions, can we cope with an increased production schedule?’ – ‘what’s the impact on cash flow if we make these changes?’. We may have an increased amount of data, but are we making better decisions?’.

On June 22nd at 11am EST, Tagetik will be offering a free 60 minute web seminar to answer these critical scenarios facing the Office of Finance. Featuring Gartner’s Rita Sallam will be discussing Gartner’s predictions for ‘Collaborative Decision Making’. Manuel Vellutini, Tagetik EVP & Chief Operating Officer, and Microsoft Corp. Directory BI Partners, Karl Leigh will be presenting how Tagetik’s flexible multi-platform and Microsoft’s sophisticated technology empower a highly collaborative budgeting environment: ‘Tagetik 3.0 Enabled by Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010’.

With organizations increasingly seeking to introduce more rigorous and reliable methods for perfecting budgeting and forecasting processes, many are now looking towards a new generation of tools to help teams collaborate and improve decision making,” explains Vellutini. “Real business benefits, business productivity and competitive advantage await those organizations ready and willing to adopt new approaches to budgeting and collaboration.”


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