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CCH Tagetik Cloud

The Cloud for finance without Compromise

Unified Cloud Performance Management

You want the simplicity and flexibility of the cloud combined with world-class financial process intelligence. That’s CCH Tagetik Cloud.

We make it simple for the Office of Finance to manage its own corporate performance management processes - including budgeting, planning, forecasting, modeling, consolidating, disclosing, reporting and many others  - without depending on IT. And it’s world class because CCH Tagetik Cloud includes built-in financial intelligence, is architected for unlimited scale and meets the most stringent security standards. With CCH Tagetik you have the cloud for finance without compromise.

Tagetik Cloud Complete and Comprehensive

Complete and Comprehensive

Choosing to go on the cloud doesn’t mean compromising on the capabilities, features and functions necessary to meet your business requirements. CCH Tagetik Cloud is a complete, comprehensive and robust corporate performance management solution, on the cloud, without compromise. All processes, from budgeting and planning to modeling and forecasting, consolidating, disclosing, reporting, collaborating - and others - are available when you are in one solution, on the cloud.





16 SOC 1 type II


Tagetik Cloud Safe and Secure

Safe and Secure

CCH Tagetik Cloud has multiple security certifications that confirm our corporate performance management solution exceeds standards for penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, separation of duties, background checks, failover, disaster recovery and data redundancy. We’ve got you covered!

IT indipendence

Owned by Finance

Produce business insights - and quickly - without waiting for IT resources to become available. With CCH Tagetik, finance owns its own systems and this improves business agility. Quickly, easily, and from any device, analyze actual results, perform ‘what-if’ analysis, reforecast, and instantaneously update all plans, budgets, reports and dashboards throughout the system, while capturing every change in audit logs.

Going to the Cloud doesn’t mean giving up Excel or being forced to learn a cumbersome software system. CCH Tagetik Cloud supports all types of users with easy to use and familiar interfaces, from native Excel, Word, or PowerPoint to  Webforms, Dashboards, and Self-Service Analytics. With CCH Tagetik Cloud - you can work how and where you’re most effective.

Multiple Users and Processes

CCH Tagetik Cloud’s unique design allows flexibility, efficiency and unlimited scalability across all lines of business and up the corporate level. With its unified approach, it provides one version of the truth across financial business processes and reporting.

Gone are the days of requiring multiple applications, costly integration or complex customization - CCH Tagetik Cloud was designed to drive efficiency, scale infinitely and improve business decision-making at a lower cost.


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Tagetik Cloud Comprehensive Support

Comprehensive Support

CCH Tagetik Cloud has 24x7x365 availability monitoring and alerting which gives you an average uptime of 99.95%. CCH Tagetik Cloud Basic Support includes phone and web-based product support plus setup of production and test/UAT environments, software and hardware updates, backups, infrastructure performance tuning, and disaster recovery procedures. We have the Services Level Agreements in place to ensure CCH Tagetik Cloud is ready when you are.


CCH Tagetik Cloud Benefits

CCH Tagetik Cloud gives you peace of mind. Its one solution, one vendor, one call for support. When you deploy on the cloud any hardware, software, or infrastructure issue is on our shoulders.

Comprehensive Cloud CPM

With CCH Tagetik, you get fully-loaded corporate performance management on the Cloud. Budgeting, planning, modeling, forecasting, consolidating, and extensive internal and external reporting – are fully automated, fully integrated and fully-functional with CCH Tagetik Cloud

Easy, Rapid Deployment

No hardware, no lengthy implementation and no steep learning curve! CCH Tagetik Cloud is easy to deploy: easy setup, easy configuration, easy to learn, easy to scale - CCH Tagetik simplifies financial management, yet delivers all the power that complex finance organizations need.

Owned by Finance

CCH Tagetik is built for the Office of Finance to ‘own’ and manage. With an intuitive, finance-friendly interface, CCH Tagetik provides comprehensive process-driven CPM functionality that’s easy to use, easy to administer and won’t burden IT with another system to manage

The Right Data at the Right Time

Confidence that your trusted data is secure and properly governed in CCH Tagetik is one thing. Knowing it’s always accessible and available is another. With 99.5% uptime guaranteed and 24x7x24 monitoring, you get unlimited access to your corporate performance information, anywhere, anytime.

Cost Effective

With CCH Tagetik Cloud, you eliminate hardware, software and associated infrastructure costs. CCH Tagetik Cloud updates automatically without compromising your data resources, burdening IT or making you wait for back-ups and roll-out. CCH Tagetik does the work, so you can focus on managing performance

No Hidden Fees

CCH Tagetik is all inclusive. There’s no hidden fees for set-up, testing or production. And with CCH Tagetik Cloud’s open and multiplatform design, you can easily leverage investments in existing IT systems, databases, and applications to further reduce your total cost of ownership

Governance & Certifications

CCH Tagetik is committed to deliver best product and services.

Certified ISO 27001 - OHSAS 18001 - ISO 9001

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