Workforce & HR Planning

Human capital is your most valuable resource. It may also be your most costly expense. Understanding the financial impact of headcount, salaries, benefits, incentives and other workforce business drivers are key to managing performance - and containing costs.

Tagetik makes it easy to streamline workforce planning as part of the overal performance management process to better align finance with HR. 

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Workforce & HR Planning key capabilities include

 Costing & Allocations

With Tagetik's powerful allocation engine, it's easy to allocate direct, indirect and activity-based costs down to the most granular level. Assess true profitability based on detailed analysis of costs across your entire enterprise, including all departments and all pricing positions, from distribution waterfalls to complete multi-step allocations across multiple dimensions.

Make better decisions with the ability to drill deep into underlying data. With Tagetik you have instant into how workforce changes, employee turnover, overtime, contract labor and detailed employee-level variables (salary, bonus, vacation and sick leave, benefits and incentives, new hires and transfers).

Detail-level Insights

 Model FTE Requirements

Calculate FTE and related headcount costs based on statistical accounts, organizational units, contract type, role, level, contract, part-time, full-time, and more. See how workforce decisions impact cost centers and profitability all within the same planning solution. 

With Tagetik, staffing is identified by operational plans and the associated resource requirements are determined at the FTE or individual level. Model and play what-if scenarios to see how staffing decisions impact constraints, costs or the bottom line. 

 Optimize resources

 Payroll Expenditure Planning

Capture, manage and forecast all personnel costs, including contract, part-time and full-time employees. Budget and create long range plans based on employee expenses and benefits, down to the group, department or individual level.

With Tagetik, you get security and data confidentiality by user. The business administrator has the ability in Tagetik to set different levels of security for data confidentiality without depending on IT resources or needing advanced technical skills. 

 Security for Sensitive information

 Self-service analytics

Every user, regardless of technical experience, can easily generate reports and analyze performance using Tagetik's self-service analytics. Any report can be 'dragged and dropped' to become a dashboard and include visualizations. Tagetik makes it easy for every non-financial and non-technical user to be a more informed decision-maker.

HR and financial unity is imperative for creating an HR budget and strategy based on the larger performance of the organization. With Tagetik, base your HR budgets on fixed and flexible employee data, monitor cost per department, see an employee's labour across multiple departments, and compare budgeted hours vs. actual hours.

 Unified Financial and HR planning

Tagetik's workforce & HR planning Software is trusted by leading companies across all industries

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On Demand Webinar


During this webinar, Hunterdon Medical Center addresses how corporate performance management (CPM) applications can help meet vital objectives, including: Forecasting gross revenue based on inpatient/outpatient admissions, Projecting HR-related expenses per individual employee, Analyzing which procedures were the best and worst performers in each department to determine department profitability.

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