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Your business is unique. Your plans should be too

On a single platform, Tagetik empowers you to develop annual budgets, rolling forecasts and long-range strategic plans that reflect the insurance industry’s unique planning needs. 

Our flexible, unified approach enables you to align your top-down strategic plans with your bottom-up tactical budgets to focus your enterprise on common objectives, bringing consistency and confidence in a time of foundational industry flux.



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planning for insurance key capabilities include

 Driver-based Planning

Wouldn’t it be nice to have plans based on business drivers unique to insurance, while leveraging the benefits of a proven best practice template? You can in Tagetik. In a unified solution, project gross written premiums, loss ratios, commissions and more, then automatically calculate the resulting earned premiums and expenses by product, division, delivery channel or line of business. Using our solution, you can respond to changing market conditions in real-time by simply adjusting business and cost drivers.

Growing organizations need to quickly and efficiently implement organizational changes and immediately reflect those changes in their business plans and reports. Tagetik’s advanced hierarchy management enables Finance to efficiently update hierarchies, model potential changes, and apply point in time changes via “time dependant hierarchies” when they don’t want to restate history. Those hierarchical changes update immediately in all reports without the need to recalculate data cubes.

Advanced Hierarchy Management

 Business Modeling

When you need a picture of what’s coming down the road, there’s Tagetik. Perform advanced data modeling on the statistical projections of premiums, at the group or individual level, across dimensions and forecast long-range, 3 and 5 year plans. With Tagetik, you’re better able to understand bottom-line results and the associated revenue and cost drivers because you can model different scenarios using various allocation methods.

How are deductibles, individual claims, premiums, or losses incurred impacting your financial results? Tagetik’s reporting templates, dashboards and visualizations make it easy to see these how these drivers are affecting your business. Drill down to granular, detail-level data to assess performance drivers and to make more informed decisions. 

 Analytics and Insights

 Profitability Planning

Profitability isn’t black or white. It’s nuanced. It’s complex. But understanding it can be simple. Determine true profitability in Tagetik by managing direct, indirect and activity-based costs and seeing the impact these have on margins and ROE. You also have the ability to monitor service, product, retail performance and play what-if scenarios to understand key drivers, and proactively adjust plans and budgets to optimize costs and financial results. 

With Tagetik, you can see the true profitability of every LoB, policy, and customer while incorporating different currencies, exchange rates and other advanced financial intelligence features. Drive allocations across multiple dimensions to better align cost and planning drivers, including: new volume, retention rate, average premium, acquisition cost, average cost of claims and more.

 Advanced Allocations

 additional features

 What-If Scenario Playing
 Automated Process Governance
 Collaborative Workflow
 Self-Service Analysis
 Variance Reporting
 Detailed Audit Trail
 Unlimited Currency Rates
 Regulatory Compliance


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IFRS Consolidation, Solvency II, MVBS, BPF, IVASS (Genesi Project)

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