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How agile is your balance sheet planning and forecasting process?

Not only are banks subject to heavy regulatory and compliance demands, the industry is now contending with major global disruption: first, consumer expectations are forcing digital innovation and second, new competition, Fintech, has erupted on the scene.

Tagetik provides the Office of Finance with industry-specific balance sheet planning, operational budgeting, portfolio forecasting, customer-level profitability analysis and much more so you can improve your business agility and responsiveness to better prepare for these disruptors.



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planning for banks key capabilities include

 balance sheet planning

In Tagetik, planners can easily and quickly anticipate loan and deposit growth by forecasting spreads. Plus you can see how future and long range plans will be affected by comparing different rates. Since you can easily adjust for shifting rates and isolate the rate vs volume variance, you can use those results to generate the P&L.

Forecasting contract maturities and prepayments and then aggregating that information into a portfolio, was once, in a word, arduous. Not anymore. With Tagetik’s Portfolio Forecaster, you can track balance sheet details, the interest rate of individual instruments, maturity and payment streams, with no additional custom coding.

Portfolio Forecasting

 Profitability Planning and Cost Allocation

You don’t make friends with hidden costs. With Tagetik’s powerful allocation engine, you can analyze the true profitability of every branch, product, channel, and customer. Align costs and planning drivers when you can drive expenses down to the account and activity level within our robust, unified system.

With a rich library of pre-populated, banking-specific drivers to choose from, you can more efficiently simulate changing volumes and experience more streamlined planning.  Plus, Tagetik’s houses a variety of packaged templates to facilitate more effective revenue planning - from OPEX to CAPEX to G&A, to travel and more.

 Driver-Based Planning

 What-if Analysis and Scenario Management

Play out multiple what-if scenarios visually and side-by-side to see the impacts of planning assumptions, drivers and rates, whether they’re moving up or down. Then, model the results on everything from the P&L, to the balance sheet, to cash flow plans at both the branch and corporate level.

Tagetik offers embedded financial intelligence that supports unlimited interest and currency rates. When your branches or operations create plans in local currencies, Tagetik automatically applies and preserves the appropriate exchange rate. 

 Unlimited Interest and Currency Rates

 additional features

 Forward Funds Transfer Pricing
 Stress Testing
 Margin and Pricing Analysis
 Rolling Forecasts
 Long Range Planning
 Integrated payroll and FTE planning
 Advanced Hierarchy Management
 Packaged Regulatory Reporting

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How can banks process a large amount of data quickly, while ensuring accurate data? In this webinar, hear from Michael H. Weese, on exactly how they leveraged software to achieve this end-goal.


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Planning, Budgeting and P&L statements, Consolidation of budget and forecast data

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Unicredit Group

Consolidation, Budgeting, Disclosure Management, Reporting & Analysis

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Disclosure Management, Consolidation, Budgeting & Planning, Finrep, Reporting

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Financial Reporting, Closing, Regulatory Reporting, Budgeting and Planning

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Lone Star Bank

Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting

Banca Carige

Fast closing, cost allocation, budget


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