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strategic Planning

What does your strategy look like? Is it 1 year, 3 or 5 years? Do you plan by year, by quarter or by month - or a combination? Or do you plan at the P&L line level, account group, account, or line item level? Tagetik was purpose-built for the Office of Finance to modernize and optimize strategic planning processes, regardless of your approach.

The combination of built-in financial intelligence and Tagetik unified budgeting, forecasting, modeling and reporting capabilities, results in more accurate strategic plans, improved decision-making and better business performance.

strategic Planning key capabilities include


Align Finance with Operations

Tagetik breaks down the budget barriers; providing a collaborative process-driven framework that facilitates communication and knowledge sharing among participants. With Tagetik, no budget or plan is isolated in a departmental silo. Instead, finance and operations can easily email, IM, notify, alert and share documents, comments, versions, deadlines, workflows and status.


Business Driver Impact

Different business and operational drivers impact performance and profitability in different ways. Tagetik helps you assess these drivers, evaluate against allocation rules, generate variance reports and faciliate better, more informed decision-making. Tagetik acts as your profit center manager, allowing you to gain an understanding of commercial drivers and supply constraints needed to make the right business pivots. 


Real-time Performance Insights

Get the right information, at the right time, in the right format - delivered the right way. Tagetik provides real-time updates, alerts and notifications - via email, the application or your mobile device, so you can instantly assess, analyze and take action. From scorecards, to dashboards to web reporting and ad hoc analytics - Tagetik powers real-time agile planning. 



Assess changing market and internal operating conditions, model variances and business drivers, then update and reforecast plans, financial statements and budget.Tagetik stores real-time actual and historical information, plus planning and budgeting data, so you can quickly forecast across fiscal years and develop periodic and rolling forecasts easily.



Every user, regardless of technical experience, can easily generate reports and analyze performance using Tagetik's self-service analytics. Any report can be 'dragged and dropped' to become a dashboard and include visualizations. Tagetik makes it easy for every non-financial and non-technical user to be a more informed decision-maker. 



Test financial and operational assumptions to understand the impacts of what-if scenarios on your strategy. While you can compare results of your testing visually side-by-side, in a single click, you can also see the impact on performance reports like the P&L, balance sheet and cash flow.

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Strategic Planning, Budgeting & Planning, Consolidation,


Strategic Planning, Consolidation, Budgeting, Planning, Closing, Management Reporting

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Strategic Planning, Reporting, Budgeting & Planning, Statutory Consolidation

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Strategic Planning, Budgeting & Planning, Consolidation, Financial Close & Reporting

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